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    GM Rules of conduct- the NO's


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    GM Rules of conduct- the NO's Empty GM Rules of conduct- the NO's

    Post  TDOG on Sat Oct 01, 2011 9:21 am

    These are some basic rules for GM to follow.

    These rules are expected to be followed by GM at all times.

    GM are to have only 1 character on their GM account

    GM are not allowed to add friends to their friends list, with the exception of other GMs.

    GM are not to spawn mobs, with the exception of the Admin (TDOG and Goddess), and the head GMs Solar_one and Anima.

    GM are not to trade their own GM coin or Gold to other players. (With the exception of putting it in AH for 500k so players will have the option to buy gold with coins, 400 gold at 500k is the limit you can put in at a time).

    GM are not to trade any GM gear or any other gear to alts or other players, with the exception of event prizes.
    Consequence is immediate suspension of GM account until problem resolved

    GM are not to use profanities, insults, defamatory, or demeaning behavior towards other players. (Blatant disrespect of TDOG and Goddess from a GM will cause your GM account to be immedately deactivated and deleted, TDOG and Goddess are your bosses and GM must treat them as such).
    Consequence is suspension of account if enough evidence is supplied and verified.

    GM are not allowed to BAN anyone permanently, only issue temporary punishment.
    The permanent ban must come from TDOG or Goddess, screenshots must be supplied in support of case and Admin decision is final.

    GM are not allowed to participate in events in the capacity of competing.
    This obviously presents an unfair advantage.

    GM are not to abuse their powers, example;- (Spawning Mobs/Bosses to deliberately kill a player) If power abuse is evident a warning will be issued followed by account suspension.

    GM are not to attack other players. Even if the player attacks first. You have stealth and invincibly use them.

    GM are expected to have their GM character in the faction Sifon and are NOT allowed to join another faction in the capacity of GM.
    What you do with your private account (non GM) is your business however.

    GM are expected to use common sense in their role as GM.

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