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    user Timaeus/ Tawloo


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    user Timaeus/ Tawloo Empty user Timaeus/ Tawloo

    Post  TDOG on Fri Dec 07, 2012 9:20 am

    Account ID: 1568.
    Role ID 2256 & 2257
    Char Name: Timaeus
    Char Name: Tawloo

    Account deleted for huge gold hacking that caused ALL other players to not be able to acquire gold.
    This account has 2 other dynamic IP's.
    I will be watching these IP and if this continues an IP ban will be implemented.
    Why? is all i ask...sigh...
    Account ID 1552 (Lord)
    Role ID: 2224
    Char Name: Dark_Mage

    Thats your second account mate.... Spank
    Lets see if we do the third by tomorrow lol.
    Usually we do not delete an account but...
    This type of hack requires said account(s) to be deleted in order for the hack to be stopped.
    Being that i want everyone to not be hindered and being that this is a hack...there is no mercy shown.

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